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. a resident in parts of arizona are dealing with a big mess. and do you use search engines? what you need to watch out for so you get the information best and most safely online. those stories at 5 on good morning america. top stories making headlines around worth. two massachusetts residents kidnapped in egypt arrived home sunday at logan international airport. the family of michael lieues and -- lewis and a celebration washeld later in the day wherealfonsi and the egyptian tour guide why abducted along sinai road when doing a christian monastary while traveling with a church group. >>> shark attacks are a cause for concern for many swimers in south africa especially in the cape area where most fatalities from the attacks occurred. however, in research scientists researchers have come together to tag the great whites to understand the behavior and movement patterns. more than 130 people have been attacked along the coastline and practically all of the 22 fatalities were in the same area. crews are findings from the expedition could be key to saving creatures from extinction. -- >>> 6 pol
that's what's making news many america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great day. >>> you're watching the station that works for you, good morning maryland." at 4:30. >>> our hearts are broken, our community is not. we will take this experience and use it to strengthen our commitment to each other. >> they say they -- sang and prayed and the community took time remembering the victims of the deadly theater shooting. and there's hole outside penn state beaver stadium. joe paterno stad you has been taken down -- stadium has been taken out. they all note difficulties of caring for a special needs child and one family is taking their story to capitol hill. good morning i am charley crowson. megan is off. we begin with a check of the forecast for the workweek withmeteorologist mike masco. >> outside we go it's a pretty nice looking shot. 71 close to that dew point value. patchy fog on the roadways. we are watching the potential maybe a few drizzle pockets. 71 in town. 76 in d.c. eastern shore temperatures near 70 degrees. patches of drizzle this morn
applied online for a membership to a local gun range. he said on the application he did not use drugs. the range owner called him several times to invite him to come in for an interview. he said the message on his machine was bizarre, freakish. the police chief revealing to us that the suspect's parents are remaining silent. >> they're not talking to us right now. maybe that will change. >> reporter: how tough will it be for this community so see the suspect in court? >> he's harmed so many people. not only the victims but they're extended families. i think it will be very hard. >> reporter: the police chef telling me they're getting significant help from the fbi behavioral analysts, trying to look into his past. the suspect faces multiple counts of attempted murder and first degree murder. those counts will not be applied today. >>> thousands gathered at the vigil last night. the crowd sang "amazing grace." this morning, we're learning more about the 12 people who lost their lives. dan harris is outside the university of colorado ped call center with much more. good morning, dan. >>
a clot of clouds -- a lot of clouds taking us into the first portion of the morning and we will see sunshine go to work. call it humid sunshine today. we are around 91 watt noof n wi afternoon storms and muggy conditions. quickly the 7-day forecast shows we will take the temperatures to 95 tomorrow. the isolated showers and thunderstorm and a beautiful wednesday. how about 89. more humidity later in the week. the storms this afternoon will coming up in bit. now the abc2 timesaver traffic. and issues lombard at light street. the water main break from last week is going to cause delays this morning. just be aware of that and middle river we are getting reports of a hazardous road hazard that they are calling it blocking the right lane on route 150 at lynn brook street. let's bring you outside live to look and show you what's going on on the roads. and so far so good from for most area roadways. this is the 83 at shawan road showing us a pretty good looking shot. drive times the commute for the rest of the morning looking good. 695 downtown 11 minute trip. 795 to 95 an 11-minute trip a
system organizing over the lake this is going to come at us in the form of a cold front. one of a model that house the severe weather and indicates a high risk for storms. we will detail the forecast. >> thank you. tonight a community came together saying hope will prevail. they say they don't be defined by the abilities of one man. >> and tonight officials for the victims are being remembered as fathers and mothers, children and friends. >> the president went to the area to meet with the survivors and words of encouragement. brandy has the latest on tonight's gathering. >> heart break and sadness, as thousands gathered to remember the 12 people killed in friday's shooting. . >> one day lord we know that our city will march back into that theater and we will claim that theater back father god because it doesn't belong to terrorists, it belongs to the city >> reporter: the president spent two hours with the victim's families and tried to comfort the community. >> i confessed to them that words are always not enough in these situations. >> reporter: during this time abc news has vid
could have suspended the program. it's only been used before at smu in the late 80s. >> suspension of the program would bring significant unintended harm to many who had nothing to did with this case. >> yesterday penn state removed the statue of joe paterno. >> and joe paterno's family released a statement. it reads in part, the sanctions announced by the ncaa defaming the legacy and contributions of a great coach and educator without input from our families or those who knew him best. they went on to say they do not believe the sanctions are a fair and thoughtful action and describe them as a panicked response to the public's understandable repull son at what sandusky did. >>> questions. that's what some are calling them. some may be worse than the so-called death penalty that the school had feared. brian kuebler continuing the coverage. >> reporter: the ncaa said taking away football all together at penn state was too broad of a punishment and that the sanctions they did change will help choose the culture there a move spurring plenty of debate. this morning at 9:00 sharp the ot
morning. humidity is with us and haze. it's tough to look towards the bay bridge. with all the low level moisture in place, 72 in town and 76 in d.c. land and we are into the 70s over the eastern shore. maryland's most powerful is clear overhead. a few soty showers moving across -- spotty showers moving across the skyline. moving up to the north, we have showers and storms well towards the north and west. in fact a slow moving cold front. this cold front is going to tap into some of the humidity during the course of the day today. so that will trigger all the scattered shower and thunderstorms during the course of the afternoon. starting out at 8 in the morning, 74 degrees. lunchtime a little lunch outdoors with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. it will be humid and warm. 86, the two degree guarantee is going for 91. showers and storms becoming mornewer rouse taking you into the 8:00 hour. going to 91. let's get a check on your abc2 timesaver traffic this morning. and we do have this in from the traffic center. 95 northbound at without 100. that's when we probably miss vehicles north of
fbi agent brad garrett to fill us in. >> he is in a reality that he that he created. there is a combination of the reality of what happened to him has set in. what it has done to himself and the victims. >> reporter: after james holmes was in court, the prosecutor was asked if he was on something. >> we have no information on that. >> reporter: the other question, if they will pursue the death penalty. >> if the death penalty is sought, it's a long process that impacts their lives for years. >> reporter: saifd sanchez, said his daughter nearly escaped the theater. her husband in a coma. >> you felt your daughter needed to come. >> when it's your own daughter, and she escaped from death by just mere seconds, would say it makes you angry. >> what do you say is the punishment for this guy? >> death. ilies in california saying their hearts go out to the victims. the attorney says this about james holmes' parents, who watched their son go from this at age 18 to this. >> i think everyone can imagine how they are feeling. anyone who has ever been a parent. >> reporter: as t
's looking at the beautiful shot. 695 showing us all clear and we will be talking more about the traffic and your weather together that's in less than ten minutes now onto you. >>> it's supposed to be a night of fun and celebration for fans of the film series batman. a big premier 12:01 friday night. many people thought what they saw was all part of the show in colorado. it was not the case as a gunman kills 12. let's go to colorado for the latest on this investigation. renee. >> reporter: well, the suspect is not cooperating with police. he is lawyered up and not answering questions. that's coming from the police chief in aurora, colorado. this hearing that will happen today, we are expecting it will be brief but it's the first time we see and hear from the suspected shooter. >> matt mcquinn. makalea medics. ver onicca oiz. >> reporter: one by one a city mourner promising never to forget those who died ann an emotional vigil. the community came together to grieve. >> tonight we reach out to each other and love each other and love our neighbors. >> reporter: president obama offered condo
on the uss wyatt. another hazy day. thanks for watching us inside. that's not too shabby still. wyatt will be back with your forecast. >>> thousands lost in the vacation rental that within the-- went bad. joce sterman has the story and a warning when you're booking your vacation. >> every year our family take as vacation. >> she and her family of 11 are staying in a hotel this week in florida but they paid for a house on the beach. >> we all put in to finance this trip. we all had a portion. >> reporter: she went to vacation homes.com, found a house, corresponded with the person she thought was the owner and paid with money orders. according to a sheriff's report when she arrived at the home she realized it was not the one she saw on line. a woman, the manager of the house pulled in. >> she said you're not supposed to be on this property. i work for the owners and she called the police immediately. >> reporter: the home down a long tree covered driveway is not owned by bruce christian son. she even had a contract. >> is unavailable to take your call. please leave a message. >> reporte
with hands on experience. they're responsible in using both learning and real world skills. this shows how to use what they're learning to create a product which could be used on an open market. it's held during the school year. >> i like that we can learn all day and do lots of work. >> i like learning, learning about the eco system. >> so thanks to a program, these students are well on their way to becoming productive citizens in the marketplace. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> the child's first program wraps up on friday and was funded by the 231 -- 21st century community learning center. >>> we have more on the two missing girls in iowa. elizabeth collins and lyric cook morrie si vanished july 13th. police are turning to everyone for clues. >> if you were at meyer's lake before 3 p.m. or if you know of or talk to anyone who was at meyers lake on friday the 13th for any reason whatsoever, please contact local law enforcement. >> the fbi did say saturday they believe the girls are still alive. there's now a $50,000 reward being offered to anyone with information leading to the person resp
county courthouse where the suspect is behind us in solitary confinement. later, he's going to be taken by an underground tunnel to the county courthouse. that happens later this morning. james holmes won't be charged today. prosecutors have three days to file the actual charges. at least 71 of them, one for each victim, and probably more. 12 people died. and several others were hospitalized in krot call condition when the gunman opened fire in a crowded movie theater showing the latest batman movie, "the dark night rises." in the months between the arraignment and the trial, holmes could face a competency hearing. for the first time, we're seeing and hearing the suspect in exclusive video obtained by abc news. it's holmes, just after his high school graduation making a presentation at science camp. >> i came here tonight. i think people could have a superpower and let them have more fun. >> reporter: we're told the suspect is not cooperating and is in solitary confinement. last night, the people of aurora heard first from the president. >> i confessed to them that words are always inad
and get out of the water. guys who go into the water are the u.s. coast guard. the guys in the u.s. coast guard in oregon show them going into places where we don't want to go. into crazy weather, bad environments. look at some of the conditions they encounter in their bode. >> we see a lot of these videos. the coast guard rescues never seem to amaze us. >> most people would freak out on the water. to them, it's just another day on the job. >> look at the swells at the bow of the boat. every one has their own personal handle that they grab on. a lot of the rescues are the helicopter with the dry line, they make it look easy. these guys are getting into the thick of it. just neat to see. i imagine hearing ing "baywatch theme song. >> "baywatch"? they never performed a rescue like this. >> nobody is out there with a red buoy and short red shorts like david hasselhoff. i love hasselhoff, but these guys are a little tougher. >> these guys put themselves in dang danger. you know what is at the top of their skill list? >> tell me. >> brave. >> they don't hesitate. they hit it, no matter what th
recovered a computer from the suspect's booby trapped apartment and sources tell us more evidence of his batman obsession. abc news has learned police discovered a variety of batman paraphernalia including a poster and mask from the comic book series. many of my source s appear stunned at the suspect's cold-blooded fury. >> gets you so angry, too, reports out of jail now he is showing absolutely no remorse through awful this. he is still maining his joker persona, spitting at guards. spitting on windows, absolutely no remorse whatsoever, what he has done. even now. and his court appearance, as we said hours away. >> his attorneys might waive the hearing. if he is transferred from jail to the courthouse, it is going to be in an underground tunnel so he won't be seen. so that video cameras can't capture that. yeah, it's, it's egregious to think there were clues along the way, from the owner of the gun range who actually called him back up and said, was going to invite him back out. when he called and listened to his voice mail, he said he just got a sick feeling. and told all of his employ
that will analyze people as they respond to this robot when it makes faces. >> can they use this for anything other than freaking the two of us out? >> yes, they can. it can be used for you a tusaut therapy. kids with autism often times are more open for things that are not human. it is easier for them to communicate with the robot. >> good f this technology can help out autistic technog good. evenhough she's ugly. >>ot >> still crepey, but i'm h about it. >> and it answers the question, why. >>> this video was titled dad's first attempt at zip lining. look at what happens. >> oh. wait a second. what happened there? >> how do you mess up zip lining? >> it wasn't supposed to happen that way. >> did he do that purposely? he comes up with a smile. maybe that was just his style. >> who knows. maybe he's just a really good sport. i have a feeling if i did this, i would come up with a smile, too, because it's funny. >> at the end he pulls himself up easily and gets back to the other ledge. maybe he was doing it to clown around. >> i think he thought this was a roller coaster where you could put your hand
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